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Your ideas and dreams are the roots to be successful.

We help start-ups and small sized entities, from a simple integration to a full Marketing project delivery.

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Bahoui is all about visibility, clarity and connectivity

Define your strategy, make sure your data and communication channels are in good order,
write meaningful content and ponder your tone of voice.

Find your digital identity

SEO | Web analytics | Content

Are you sure you know what your potential and actual customers need? Your products are changing just like the world is. Make sure you keep on attracting interest and clients by describing your business in the right way. Listen and learn from your customers. The success of your products and services is based on their expectations.

Define buyer personas

Branding | Marketing | Strategy

Get in control of your customer base by creating buyer personas and segments. Make sure you have a plan on how to distribute your content to your audience. Your sales depend on the quality of your targeting. Personalize your communication and grow your business based on a qualitative approach. Your customers can be your ambassadors.

Automate your channels

E-commerce | Social | Blogging

Make sure your business is available through the relevant channels. Email, SMS, Website, social, Blog. Your content needs to be addressed according to the expectations of your customers. The ability to automate your communications allows you to be always responsive and ready for a new opportunity. Switch to Modern Marketing.

We value flexibility, hire us and let's work as a team

Get things done with us!

Let's connect

A successful collaboration begins with listening and understanding. Connect with us and let us learn more about what you do. This is the first step we will move to learn who you are, what you need and how to make your products and services look special for your customers.

Get a proposal

Our approach is to make sure you don't get surprises. Let's define the scope together and we will provide you with a clear plan to put in action. We believe in a deep requirements discovery session and we collaborate with great experts to make sure your project will run as it should.

Seal the deal

What you need to be successful is available in the market. You just need to pick the right team and select the right tools. Marketing automation, marketing strategy, branding, content, high responsiveness and project management are powerful tools to get your ideas rolling.

Achieving things together has a better flavour

We can put on the table our expertise..

Project Management

We can write your Marketing Plan and make sure it will get up to speed as expected. Our strength is clarity and organization.

Marketing Strategy

Only after having learned more about your products and goals we will be able to write a complete plan for your Digital Identity.


SEO is not dead, it just changed. Make sure your products and services are indexed, choose the right keywords and measure them.

Content Marketing

Producing and tweaking content to share with your potential clients is the only way you can give them a flavour of your service.

Marketing Automation

Make sure you benefit from the potential of the fastest growing marketing technique. Communication is powerful. Keep it tidy.

Leads Generation

How do you know when it's time to pick up the phone and contact your customers? We select and configure the right tool for you.

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